Arup provides advisory services to advance Potrero Yard Modernization Project, a modern transit-oriented redevelopment

Kathryn Hohs Kathryn Hohs Americas Press Office,Los Angeles
2 November 2022

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) recently announced that Potrero Neighborhood Collective, LLC (PNC), led by Plenary Americas US Holdings Inc. (Plenary) has been awarded the Predevelopment Agreement (PDA) to develop the Potrero Yard Modernization Project, a first-of-its-kind modern transit-oriented redevelopment project. As SFMTA’s financial advisor, Arup advised the City on a procurement strategy that outlined a range of complex project components to ensure a commercial structure that allows appropriate financing and successful operations. As part of Arup’s financial advisory services, Arup provided market soundings and financial feasibility and affordability analysis, drafted the procurement documentation, and supported the procurement process, which culminated in the selection of PNC as the project lead developer.

While the idea of transit-oriented development is well established, SFMTA’s approach to couple bus fleet electrification and affordable housing through an integrated joint development delivered via a public-private partnership offers an exciting case study for other cities who are seeking new ways to improve public infrastructure while being mindful of critical social needs amid dense urban environments. ” Ignacio Barandiaran Ignacio Barandiaran Arup Principal

The Potrero Yard Modernization Project replaces the existing two-story maintenance building and bus yard with a modern, three-story bus maintenance and storage facility, designed to serve the SFMTA’s transition to an all-electric fleet using electric trolley buses and new battery electric buses (BEBs). In addition to meeting sustainability goals, the development aims to alleviate San Francisco’s affordable housing challenges by vertically integrating residences atop of the electric bus yard. An innovative approach to public-private development, this combination of services will provide reliable transit access to the neighborhood while maximizing the use of the city’s available public land to meet community needs.

With this project, we hope that the SFMTA sets a new standard for inventive city development and infrastructure future proofing. Arup’s advisory support has enabled the Potrero Yard Modernization Project to demonstrate an innovative vision of strategic redevelopment that can be an example to cities across the nation. ” Jonathan Rewers SFMTA Chief Strategy Officer and Building Progress Program Manager