Arup highly ranked in 2021 Top 100 Graduate Employers

Jennifer Shand Jennifer Shand Australasia Press Office,Sydney
15 February 2021

Arup is providing one of the best career training grounds in Australia, according to young people in a series of recent surveys.

University graduates consider Arup as one of the best companies to work for nationally, according to those looking for a position as well as those recently employed at Arup. 

Arup ranked #16 in the AFR GradConnection Top 100 Graduate Employers 2021 which surveys all Australian graduates about where they would like to work. It was among the most highly regarded workplace destinations in the same survey last year, ranking in the top 20. 

Polling by the Australian Association of Graduate Engineers, GradAustralia and the AFR GradConnection showed Arup was highly regarded in the engineering industry category. 

Each year, Arup provides career pathways with on-the-job training and mentoring for university students and graduates with backgrounds in a wide range of disciplines including engineering, planning, environmental sciences, digital applications, consulting and economics. 

Our graduates join Arup with knowledge, skills, energy and a universal passion for making a positive difference to the world. They are motivated, like us, to create more sustainable ways of living. ”

Peter Chamley Peter Chamley Former Chair, Australasia Region

Alex Knight, Arup’s Early Careers Lead, said the surveys were taken during 2020, one of the most difficult years for any employee.

“We recognised our graduates’ needs were different to others’ during the pandemic lockdowns, being new to the workforce and new to us.

“For example, we usually bring them together as a cohort for off-site immersion programs with inspiring senior leaders. It’s fun and they make strong connections.

We could see that remote working would be especially hard for graduates, as well as their managers who hadn’t had the chance to build in-person relationships. ”

Alex Knight Early Careers Lead

“So we worked hard to ensure they had interesting, interactive project experiences and a social side to (on-line) life at Arup. 

“Our Leaders became more proactive than ever to make sure the grads felt supported and engaged, and the survey results suggest that, while different, it was worthwhile and appreciated.”

Applications for Arup’s 2022 graduate program open on 24 February. More information about the experiences of our graduates, career opportunities and application details is available here.