Arup signs partnership with Madaster to support circular construction transition in Germany

Cinthia Buchheister Cinthia Buchheister Europe Press Office, Germany,Berlin
16 April 2021

Arup has signed a partnership with Madaster, an online platform that enables the circular use of products and materials in the construction industry, which operates in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and now in Germany.

Approaching the building as a materials bank, the online cadastre helps real estate and infrastructure players develop detailed ‘material passports’ for an asset, including information regarding the quality, origin and location of each material in a building or structure, with the idea of providing materials with an identity beyond its current use. 

The database provides owners and asset managers with data insights into the material, circular and financial residual value of raw materials, extending their lifecycle and helping materials retain their highest value during reuse.

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Our partnership with Madaster Germany will support the platform as it enters into further discussions with banks, architects, developers, construction companies and asset managers to expand its network.

Driven by the EU’s upcoming sustainable finance taxonomy, material databases will help unlock the transition towards a circular construction industry in Europe, according to Arup’s Research and Innovation leader in Europe, Jan Wurm.

“Capturing the value of materials present in an asset through a material passport is a key enabler for circular buildings and infrastructure assets. With our Kennedy Partnership we have the unique opportunity to influence the market, supporting developers and asset holders to apply Circular Economy principles at scale”, he said.

“We believe that materials databases are one of the pillars to unlock the transition towards a more circular construction economy, so we are really pleased to partner with Madaster in Germany,” said Arup Europe Foresight lead Martin Pauli. “We look forward to strengthening our collaboration with a range of industry stakeholders and help our clients on their journey towards sustainability.”

A range of other partners have also joined Madaster in its efforts in Germany, including Drees & Sommer, Interboden, Edge Deutschland, ASSIDUUS Development, Commerz Real, Kondor Wessels and Buwog/Vonovia.