Arup to deliver strategic review of Ireland's railway network

Clare O'Loughlin Clare O'Loughlin Europe Press Office, Ireland
30 July 2021

Ireland’s Department of Transport (DoT), in cooperation with the Department for Infrastructure Northern Ireland (DfI), has appointed Arup as the technical consultant to strategically review the rail network on the island of Ireland.

Focused on improving sustainable connectivity between major cities and enhancing regional development over the next 20 years, the comprehensive study will look at ways to improve current infrastructure, including the feasibility of higher speeds, improved connectivity to the North-West and the creation of a strategic plan for freight. The results will enable DoT and DfI to take an evidence-based approach to enhancing low carbon rail links, building a more resilient connected network to support sustainable growth across the island.

Transport systems have a major role to play in Ireland’s journey to meet its climate commitments. The All Island Strategic Rail Review will focus on providing opportunities to decarbonise the rail network, in line with the European Green Deal, Ireland’s Climate Action Plan and the UK’s 2050 Net Zero commitment.

Focusing on the needs of communities and the opportunities rail provides to enhance social and economic development, the strategic review will cover both inter-urban and rural connectivity. By identifying current constraints to rail travel, Arup’s transport specialists will then balance decarbonisation priorities, economic growth and rural connectivity objectives to recommend a strategy that allows rail to fulfil its potential as a resilient and sustainable mode of transport for people across Ireland.

This is a timely review of the rail network across the island of Ireland during the European Year of Rail. Adopting a people-first approach, our focus will be on considering decarbonising rail across the island, enhancing regional connectivity and future-proofing inter-urban rail connectivity alongside value for money. Our multidisciplinary team will analyse the existing transport network and policies, including opportunities for freight enhancement, to develop an evidence-based whole-island strategy that puts rail front and centre in achieving our climate commitments. ” Peter Adams Peter Adams Director

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