Arup University Masterclass

Arup University Masterclass is a series of workshops focusing on Knowledge Management, Research and our Foresight Advisory service.

Arup is renowned for its enterprise-wide knowledge-sharing culture and sophisticated Knowledge Management approach. In recent years, the firm is also working with government developments and private companies to help them develop and implement knowledge and information infrastructure. Meanwhile, our Foresight team specialises in identifying and analysing the major trends shaping the future of the built environment – helping our clients explore new ideas and radically rethink the future of their business.

To share our successful models, we organise this Masterclass series for the public. As these workshops are highly interactive, we recommend enrolment in groups so that you can learn with your colleagues and apply the takeaways to your own organisation.

The sessions include:

Date Event What is it 
19 December 2019  Knowledge Management: Taxonomy A workshop on importance, benefits and strategy to enable efficient and effective knowledge capturing and sharing
12 February 2020 Foresight: Exploring the Implications of Megatrends A workshop to investigate how major social, technological, political, economic, and environmental drivers impact organisations, and how to embrace the challenges and opportunities within
25 February 2020 Knowledge Management: After-Action Review A workshop on how to capture and capitalise lessons learnt and best practises from past project experience to enhance enterprise technical excellence
21 April 2020 Knowledge Management: Knowledge Auditing A workshop on how to identify tacit and critical knowledge in an organisation

We also conduct customised in-house programmes on Knowledge Management and Foresight Advisory. For more details about the workshops, please email us at [email protected].

About Arup University

Arup University is Arup’s think-tank and consultancy arm which focuses on the sustainable growth and future of the built environment and society at large, through Foresight, Research, Knowledge Management. These are the pillars of how Arup has been supporting our firm and other organisations from different sectors to look into future scenarios, identify development and innovation areas, and solidify existing and new capabilities developed to prepare for the future.