Arup unveils two innovation labs in its Toronto office

Jackie Wei Green Jackie Wei Green Senior Communications Leader,Los Angeles
11 November 2019

Arup has launched Pegasus Lab and Maker’s Lab, two new spaces in its Toronto office open to everyone for collaboration driven by technology and impact.

Pegasus Lab

Arup was the first firm to embrace digital engineering in 1957 during the design of the Sydney Opera House by building the ‘Pegasus’ computer to realize such a complex project. Today we continue to innovate for efficient, sustainable and economically-friendly solutions for our clients. Pegasus Lab in Arup’s Toronto office is one of the first spaces in Canada dedicated to experiential design, exploring digitally-enabled engineering and consulting. It is a space open to all providers of technology and enables the prototyping of digital engineering workflows and real-world visualizations of operational processes and designs. Together we can explore every opportunity of technology integration to achieve the best outcomes for any business or design case. Pegasus lab includes:

  • Immersive Virtual Reality with gesture recognition to refine advanced 3D design models

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning video analytics to predict contextualized crowd movement

  • Augmented Reality stakeholder engagement and design review techniques for comprehensive assessments

Maker’s Lab

At Arup we strive for the best solutions for our clients. The ability to demonstrate options clearly and fast is central to our design process. Maker's Lab in Arup’s Toronto office facilitates exploration of ideas through modelling, production, assembly and prototyping, enabling designers to better communicate design solutions to clients and stakeholders. Maker’s Lab is an open collaboration space equipped with a laser cutter and 3D printers, as well as manual tools and common materials such as wood, composites, plastics, light metals and card-stock. We embrace circular economy principals and encourage using discarded materials for sketch models and early concepts or prototypes.

We look forward to collaborating with you. Talk to Melissa Burton about Pegasus Lab and David Campbell about Maker’s Lab.