Arup wins at IDC Digital Transformation Awards

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
19 October 2020

Arup has been named the Operating Model Master by the International Data Corporation (IDC) Hong Kong at this year’s IDC Digital Transformation (DX) Awards.

IDC’s DX Awards recognise outstanding organisations that have made critical breakthroughs in digital transformation across the Asia Pacific region, spread across seven different categories. The Operating Model Master award is conferred in recognition of Arup’s excellence in making business operations more responsive and effective by leveraging digitally connected products and services, assets, people, and clients.

Our success at the IDC DX Awards is a solid testament to our commitment to digitally transforming ourselves to shape a better world. The process goes beyond changing the way we work and the work we do; more importantly, it’s a change of mindset which enables us to find better, innovative ways, driven by data and technology, to help our clients solve more complex problems. ” Michael Kwok Michael Kwok Asia Pacific Council Chair

(c) Arup (c) Arup
(From left) East Asia Chair Michael Kwok and East Asia Digital Services and Products Leader Sankar VS.

As a global firm, Arup is committed to be the digital leader in the built environment. We embarked on a journey of digital transformation, focusing on automation, data, products and services, to increase our ability to help our clients tackle more complex issues. This firm-wide initiative has helped us better understand the needs and trends, and equip our clients with a view into the future. From strategy to action, we ensure everyone recognises the digital opportunities available and makes them part of their daily activity. The tools our people develop and the data they depend on are being shared in new ways, enabling a greater level of collaboration than ever before.

From design to operation, we combine our innate knowledge of the built environment and new technologies to enhance our workflow, through creation and application of digital tools tools, internet of things, machine learning and immersive experience. This has enabled us to deliver better outcomes for our clients and contribute to sustainable development of society as a whole. ” Sankar VS Sankar S. Villupuram East Asia Digital Services and Products Leader

The winners of the 2020 DX Awards in Hong Kong are a testament to innovation and business reinvention – these organisations are not only reprioritising their investments and accelerating DX to achieve business resilience, but also they are reimagining their businesses and ecosystems to thrive in the new normal. ” Daniel-Zoe Jimenez AVP and Head of Digital Transformation and SMB research, IDC Asia/Pacific

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