Arup’s new Melbourne office puts quality and sustainability on show

Trish Sunga Trish Sunga Australasia Press Office,Sydney
21 November 2018

Arup’s Melbourne team has moved to a new office which is setting a benchmark for leading workplace design at the recently completed One Melbourne Quarter.

Designed by HASSELL with Arup, the three-level office embodies the principles of sustainability, wellness, connectivity and flexibility.

Arup provided design and engineering service across 12 disciplines for One Melbourne Quarter. The 13-level building targets a 6-star Green Star rating and a 5 star NABERS Energy rating. It also features an airtight building envelope, 200 kW PV roof array with white roof to reduce the urban heat island effect and a rainwater capture system.

Arup workplace at One Melbourne Quarter © Arup Arup workplace at One Melbourne Quarter © Arup
Arup workplace at One Melbourne Quarter

With sustainable design at its core, the new workplace is on track to receive the first WELL Gold Certification under the New & Existing Interiors tool in Melbourne, and is on target to achieve a 6 Star Green Star interiors rating representing world leading design.

The workplace design enhances knowledge sharing and collaboration through connectivity, and fosters the principles of Activity Based Working in adopting a variety of different of work settings including dedicated project team and interactive digital review spaces, and flexible break out spaces.

The design responds to the firm’s regional workplace guidelines co-developed with HASSELL.

Our new workplace puts Arup on show in what we do and who we are. Our experiential labs allow our clients and collaborators a unique insight and experience of our work. The design revolves around people, connectivity and flexibility - spaces can be reconfigured according to current and future needs of our people, our clients and our projects. ”

Joseph Correnza Joseph Correnza Principal
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Following the design philosophy, we created a unifying space which is permeable and easily accessible for our people and clients, promoting connectivity and collaboration, as well as the sharing and testing of ideas using emerging technologies.

The workplace sets a new regional standard in video-conferencing with one button connect-in, and video recording enables easier knowledge sharing with our global offices. People-locating software also identifies available work spaces and meeting rooms through touch screens on each floor.

Specialty labs including SoundLab and Light Lab allow clients to see, hear and experience our collaborative designs before they are built.

Testing, experimentation and exploration of ideas are facilitated by our purpose-built Maker Space, while our Experiential Lab allows you to experience the engineering behind vibration modelling, thermal simulation and allows for design experience through virtual reality.



The principles of WELL and wellness carry throughout the space, starting with a 1000m2 elevated garden – the Sky Park - which is the direct entry for staff and visitors. This outdoor space bleeds internally through use of natural materials. More than 600 plants provide oxygenation and a fully programmable lighting system designed to mimic the body’s natural circadian rhythm, also assists in promoting mental and physical health. A purpose-designed Wellness centre, adjoining end-of-trip facilities and storage for 80+ bikes, also promote balance and wellbeing activity.

Arup workplace at One Melbourne Quarter © Arup Arup workplace at One Melbourne Quarter © Arup
Entry to Arup's new office at One Melbourne Quarter

Other features include an innovative eWater system which eliminates the need for toxic chemicals for cleaning, while reducing plastic waste from cleaning products; indoor air quality monitoring of air pollutants; and, monitoring of our water system to comply with highest quality standards.  There are also refreshment points to encourage regular hydration.

The workplace features a private Café operated by STREAT, a Melbourne-based social enterprise providing direct support to disadvantaged youth. STREAT’s philosophy strongly aligns with Arup’s values of doing socially useful work and giving back to the communities in which we operate.