Australasia Water Leader Daniel Lambert recognised as the 2018 NSW Water Professional of the Year

Australasia Press Office
14 March 2018

Congratulations to Arup’s Australasia Water Leader Daniel Lambert who has been recognised as the NSW Water Professional of the Year by the Australian Water Association (AWA).

The award honours the outstanding contribution of an individual in the water sector through their leadership, innovation, contribution to research, and delivery of water projects.


Daniel’s experience in delivering industry-leading projects, such as the New Zealand National Consumer Water Report, The Future of Urban Water and the Yarra Park Water Recycling Facility, his mentorship and support of the development of water professionals, as well as his active promotion of the industry in the media and through schools and universities places him as an ideal recipient for this award.

As water professionals, we make such a valuable social, environmental and economic contribution to our society in Australia and abroad. I have had the opportunity to work throughout the globe on a diverse range of water projects - for both clients and with not-for-profit organisations for which I feel remarkably privileged. I am incredibly honoured to be the 2018 recipient of this award. ”

Daniel Lambert Daniel Lambert Former Australasia Water Leader

Daniel joined Arup in 2005 and has played a key role both locally and internationally on Arup’s water projects.

Recognised for implementing smart, sustainable solutions, this award follows Daniel being named as one of Engineers Australia Most Innovative Engineers in 2016.  Daniel’s achievements are underpinned by his prominent role in thought-leadership and his international pro-bono engineering work with under-privileged communities.