Lighting and public space design for innovative mixed-use development Bay Meadows wins two IES lighting awards

Jackie Wei Green Jackie Wei Green Senior Communications Leader,Los Angeles
13 June 2019

Arup’s lighting team received both a national Illuminating Engineering Society Illumination Award of Merit and San Francisco Lux Award of Excellence for Outdoor Lighting Design.

Located in San Mateo, Bay Meadows is a successful 85-acre transit-oriented, mixed-use development owned by Stockbridge Capital Group, with development management by Wilson Meany. With a mix of residential and commercial space as well as 18 acres of recreational parks and open space, the thoughtful development is tailored to provide much needed environmental impact reduction while helping to address the Bay Area’s housing shortage. Arup’s lighting team designed and executed the lighting masterplan and public spaces that encourage pedestrian circulation and provide design continuity throughout the vibrant urban village, working in close collaboration to support the design vision of landscape architect CMG.

Arup’s lighting designers paid careful attention to scale to design for the human experience, ensuring that most of the street lighting throughout the development is no higher than 14ft tall. Only in the Town Hall, the heart of the development, are 45ft tall multi-head poles used to keep the space open and uncluttered for events and public art, like the central fountain of mirrors that amplifies and interacts with the starry night in-grade marker light feature.

Lighting is also integrated into the landscape to encourage outdoor living after dark. Easy to maintain, localized, and automated lighting controls for each facet of the outdoor space were provided, from the community gardens, dog park, jogging and pedestrian trails and beer garden with bocce court to the office parks with table tennis and dining areas.

Overall the visual comfort, continuity, safety, and sightlines of the public spaces offer an award-winning outdoor experience for residents, employees, and visitors to Bay Meadows.

The Outdoor Lighting Design Award of Excellence not only celebrates technical expertise and creativity but also applauds projects and teams who are furthering the field of outdoor lighting as a critical component of design in the built environment. The national IES Illumination Awards publicly champion original and inventive lighting projects from around the world.

Arup's lighting team receiving the Illumination Award Arup's lighting team receiving the Illumination Award
Members of Arup's lighting design team in San Francisco accepting their Illumination Awards.