Becoming a better ‘Employer of Choice for Gender Equality’

Trish Sunga Trish Sunga Australasia Press Office,Sydney
25 February 2021

Arup’s recent workplace initiatives have been acknowledged as meaningful and real with recognition today as an ‘Employer of Choice for Gender Equality’.

Arup is one of only 136 companies in Australia to receive a positive result after a detailed review by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). 

Our policies, programs, executive commitment and internal survey results were scrutinised. WGEA wanted evidence – what were we actually doing to dismantle systemic barriers to gender equality? ”

Peter Chamley Peter Chamley Former Chair, Australasia Region

After receiving an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation in 2019, Arup stepped away from the process to reflect on the intent behind the criteria, and what success could really look like. 

Peter Chamley explained: “We challenged ourselves about what we were already doing, what we needed to do and how, consulted our people, chose expert external partners and then set to work across the whole Region, not just in Australia.

“We introduced new programs, resources, management training and championed behaviour change throughout the firm. 

“I could see that our leaders needed to identify their own biases or favouritisms, and we are now actively sponsoring a diversity of talent. 

“The citation is a catalyst for us to continue to make positive change for gender equity and broader successful inclusion.”

Peter said WGEA recognised Arup’s commitment to achieving gender equality particularly during the pandemic. 

We know that gender equality is good for business and crucial to our post-Covid-19 economic recovery. By driving better equality outcomes in their workplaces, EOCGE citation holders are showing the right way forward for other Australian businesses. ” Libby Lyons WGEA Director