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Breaking ground for self-build homes in Amsterdam

Pien Niehe Pien Niehe Europe Press Office,Amsterdam
15 December 2014

The ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the self-build homes 'Buiksloterham 3' in Amsterdam North will be held on 16 December.

Arup has helped six house owners and their architects (denieuwegeneratie, GUM Architects, Next Architects + Claudia Linders and Sven Butteling) by designing the structures and building services through interactive workshops on construction methods, indoor climate and sustainability. This enabled the residents to arrange permits efficiently and jointly realise the construction.

A scale model of the buildings will be displayed in the Amsterdam architecture centre Arcam, with the houses being constructed over the next few months.

The area of 'Buiksloterham' transforms industrial premises into a residential and working quarter in a cooperative development. In a time where large-scale new-build projects are being held off, self construction is the answer to the market. The City of Amsterdam is encouraging this by providing self-build plots at attractive locations across the town.