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China Resources Headquarters open

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
18 December 2018

The China Resources Headquarters open today, making a fresh addition to Shenzhen’s ever-changing skyline.

At 392.5m tall, the tapered tower is the third tallest building in the city.



Working with the US architect KPF, Arup has worked on this project since 2012, from investigating different building shapes throughout to providing construction support. Our scope of services includes structural engineering, geotechnics, façade design and fire safety strategy.

The building has a sculptured form of 56 external slender columns stemming from the diagrids at the bottom and converging into a crystal cap at the top. To fully reflect the architect’s intent, Arup developed a close-column frame and core structure system without strengthened storeys. The small perimeter columns totally integrated with façade element and we adopt a complete column/beam eccentric connection to make the office space column free. Advanced structural optimisation technologies were used to understand the cost sensitivity of the structure system components, and optimise its dynamic properties and stiffness. This resulted in improved cost-effectiveness, resolving problems in advance and shortened construction time.

The successful delivery of the project would not have been achieved without our close collaboration with the client, the architect and other collaborators. We’re proud to be able to realise this unique structural system for the first time in the mega-tall building in a seismic area in mainland China. ” Feng-Jun Li Feng-Jun Lin Director and Shenzhen office leader