Creating a new green hydrogen industry for Western Australia

Trish Sunga Trish Sunga Australasia Press Office,Sydney
24 May 2021

Arup’s technical investigations and economic analysis are informing the development of a renewable green hydrogen industry in Western Australia.

Working with the WA Government, Arup is examining the suitability of a large site in the Mid-West region, and researching development scenarios for a clean energy industry over 5, 10 and 20-year horizons.

For some months, the Arup team has been recording and measuring wind and solar resource data at Oakajee Strategic Industrial Area, 450kms north of the capital Perth. 
Initial results are confirming the area is well suited to renewable energy for the production of green hydrogen. 

Project Manager and Arup’s WA Energy Business Lead, Damon Sunderland explained: “With Fulcrum3D, we have deployed a monitoring unit to capture a 12-month record of solar irradiance, and utilising SODAR technology to measure wind speed, direction and inflow angle from 50m up to 200m above ground level. 

“This data will be available to guide the future renewable energy deployment at the site. It can be used to expedite the design and deployment of appropriate renewable generation technology to power green hydrogen production.”

The multi-year scenarios will demonstrate the commercial rationale for the renewable hydrogen industry in the context of the latest trends and anticipated requirements of the developing green hydrogen industry. ”

Damon Sunderland Damon Sunderland WA Energy Business Lead

The WA Government has committed more than $22 million to accelerate the State’s renewable hydrogen industry, and brought its Renewable Hydrogen Strategy targets forward by a decade as part of the WA Recovery Plan.

The strategy aims to boost the State's hydrogen industry across export, use in remotely located industries, blending into natural gas networks and use in fuel cell electric transport vehicles.