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Double wins at CIC Construction Innovation Awards

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
18 December 2017

Arup took home two awards at the CIC Construction Innovation Awards ceremony for the creative designs of a fused hybrid outrigger system and Air Induction Unit (AIU).

Organised by the Construction Industry Council (CIC), the award is one of the flagship events promoting the divergent thinking and innovative solutions through new technology application and scientific breakthrough in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas, with an attempt to spearhead the sustainable development of the construction industry. The award received overwhelming support from the industry, with 124 entries this year.

The hybrid outrigger system won the first prize in the Construction Productivity category. The innovative design, developed for buildings in low to moderate seismicity area, combines the strengths of traditional steel and concrete outriggers, resulting in a hybrid form using concrete walls, steel bracings and a structural “fuse”. This “fuse” component can dissipate the seismic energy in case of severe seismic shaking, to protect other components of the outrigger system, ensuring the safety of the whole tower. The design was patented in China, and successfully applied in the design and construction of the two 350m high towers in the Raffles City Chongqing in China. Substantial cost savings were achieved through 10% reduction of total steel consumption and acceleration of the construction schedule.

Raffle city in Chongqing Raffle city in Chongqing
The hybrid outrigger system has been successfully applied in the design and construction of the two 350m high towers in the Raffles City Chongqing. © Safdie Architects/CapitaLand China Investment Co Ltd

Arup engineers who developed the AIU received the Young Innovators Award. Using aerodynamic principles, the AIU induces continuous large volume air flows with gentle wind speeds to enhance thermal comfort. Extensive engineering investigation with aid of computational fluid dynamic analyses were conducted to optimise the performance of the design. Compared with wall mounted oscillating fans, AIU serves larger areas with less energy consumption and is quieter in operation. With no blades or other detachable parts, it is safe in operation and easy to clean and maintain. Its simple and stylish appearance also makes it suitable for any environment. Patent has been filed in the UK and Hong Kong. The device was installed in a semi-outdoor terrace at The Green Atrium, a multi-purpose community centre in Yuen Long as part of its green building designs.

See how AIU brings comfort to a semi-outdoor restaurant area.
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