Enabling smart governance of construction noise management

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
2 August 2022

Arup has been commissioned by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of the Hong Kong Government to design, develop and maintain an online platform to streamline the assessment and submission of construction noise management plans for the authority’s review and approval. Leveraging our expertise in digital and acoustic consulting, the project will underpin EPD’s adoption of technology to improve public services.

The digital solution will enable consultants and planners as well as the authority to quickly evaluate the noise impact of proposed construction works and facilitate the approval process, bringing the power of geo-spatial analytics and automation into an intelligent analytic-enabled data platform. The platform, which will be completed in early 2023, is estimated to significantly speed up the submission and approval process compared with the conventional and complex spreadsheets.

The web-based platform will enable to carry out construction noise assessment by indicating the site location, area, machinery, plants and equipment to be used, as well as duration of works, to calculate the resulting noise impact.  Embedded in a geographic information system (GIS) environment of all existing buildings in Hong Kong, the tool will automatically suggest the noise sensitive receivers, such as residential buildings, schools and hospitals nearby the site that requires protection from construction noise.  If the assessment results fail to meet the statutory requirement, the system will guide the users by recommending possible mitigation measures, alternative methods or quieter equipment.  If all the noise control requirements are fulfilled, the system will generate a full set of standard construction noise management plan for online submission. The platform will also use an open-source GIS data to maximise its user-friendliness and compatibility with other data sources.

We’re excited to support the Environment Protection Department on its ‘smart governance’ initiative. Integrating our domain expertise in acoustic consulting with our digital capabilities, we will deliver the best solution for the city-wide construction stage digital twin for noise management. ” Sankar VS Sankar S. Villupuram East Asia Digital Services and Products Leader

This web-based platform will be a very powerful tool to enable an automatic construction noise assessment and its associated workflow control management, under the governmental framework with a citywide database and comprehensive library databases for quieter construction methods and possible noise mitigations. ” Dr William Ng Dr William Ng Associate