Isabel Dedring appointed to the UK Prime Minister’s Build Back Better Council

Brad Ryan, Senior PR Coordinator Brad Ryan UKIMEA Press Office,London
20 January 2021

Arup’s Global Transport Leader, Isabel Dedring, has been appointed to the UK Prime Minister’s Build Back Better Council, which brings government and business leaders together to help catalyse a green COVID-19 economic recovery and future growth.

The Council, which is comprised of 30 members, features a broad range of business leaders from across the British economy to work in partnership with the Government to unlock private sector investment, boost job creation, launch a green industrial revolution and level up the UK economy to reduce regional inequalities.

The Build Back Better Council members represent industries from retail and hospitality to finance, science, construction, property and technology. It will meet quarterly, with work expected to occur between meetings as well. Each member is appointed to the Council for a term of 12 months. The Chancellor will co-chair alongside the Prime Minister, with the Business Secretary as a standing member.

Speaking of her appointment, Isabel Dedring said:

The COVID-19 recovery can and must be an opportunity to build a future economy that is fairer and greener. The recent release of the UK’s 6th carbon budget highlights the tremendous opportunities we have to transform the built environment, with accelerated green energy and zero emission ambitions – but we will only achieve that change through concerted joint action. We need to do things differently to move to a greener future, and the Council is one opportunity to forge new partnerships between Government and business to do this. ” Isabel Dedring Isabel Dedring Global Transport Leader

During the first virtual meeting on Mon 18 January 2021, the Prime Minister updated leaders on the current COVID-19 situation as well as plans to rebuild the economy after the crisis.

Announcement of the Council’s creation and a full list of members can be found here.