Los Angeles’ Green New Deal charts path to city’s sustainable future

Jackie Wei Green Jackie Wei Green Americas Head of Communications,Los Angeles
29 April 2019

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, today presented Los Angeles’ Green New Deal, a refresh of the 2015 Sustainable City Plan that now includes a climate action strategy to get the city to zero carbon emissions by 2050 and to meet the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. Arup is proud to be the key technical advisor to the City of Los Angeles on the plan and deliver Mayor Garcetti’s commitment to Angelenos.

“We applaud the City’s actionable approach to creating a more sustainable, equitable, and better Los Angeles for all,” says Russell Fortmeyer, associate principal and consulting leader at Arup. “Cities matter, and their bold leadership shapes our collective future. We are honored to advise on the plan, which puts Los Angeles on a promising path for our great city to thrive in the future.”

The plan takes a broad approach to sustainability and focuses on the environment, the economy, and equity. It outlines ambitious goals and strategy, including:

  • Making every building in Los Angeles emission-free by 2050

  • Building a zero-emission transport network

  • Providing 300,000 green jobs by 2035, leading to 400,000 by 2050

  • Making sure that good, middle class jobs go to Angelenos from low-income neighborhoods that often bear the brunt of climate change

  • Achieving zero waste by 2050

  • Providing 100% clean energy, mainly from solar power, wind and hydropower

  • Ensuring that all low-income Angelenos live within ½ mile of fresh food by 2035

  • Planting and maintaining 90,000 trees citywide by 2021

Ultimately, the plan aims to protect the environment and make the economy work for everyone.

Arup provided the technical basis to the plan update and advised on strategies to reach Los Angeles’ sustainability goals. To understand the opportunities and challenges the City faces, Arup conducted greenhouse gas and carbon analyses, as well as reviewed economic factors, environmental impacts, air quality and jobs creation.

Collaborating closely with the City’s sustainability officer, Arup coordinated among various departments and agencies working in Los Angeles. A total of 28 agencies participated, leading to a more integrated and inclusive approach.

Arup’s engagement was made possible through our partnership with C40 Cities and its Climate Action Plan Technical Assistance Program. In addition to the City of Los Angeles, Arup’s sustainability leadership in the built environment has resulted in impactful partnerships with major cities globally and across North America, including New York, Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Toronto as they pursue sustainability and climate action plans.