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Malampaya Depletion Compression Platform installation complete

Rebecca Maloney Rebecca Maloney Americas Press Office ,Boston
1 September 2015

Installation is complete for the Malampaya Depletion Compression Platform (DCP), a new offshore natural gas platform installed in the West Philippine Sea. Arup helped deliver the new platform that will ensure a steady supply of natural gas to the Philippines.

The completed facility supports the extension of the only indigenous producing natural gas source in the Philippines, which provides 40-50% of the power generation needs for the island of Luzon, the largest and most populous island of the Philippines.

Arup’s ongoing support during the fabrication and installation phase of the project ensured that the substructure design was implemented safely and efficiently. Working closely with the Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. (SPEX) site team and the fabrication contractor, Arup optimised the modularisation and integration of the substructure in the dry-dock utilising the 1,500-ton gantry crane specifically mobilised for the project.

To ensure the design intent and tolerances were achieved, we provided technical supervision throughout the offshore works and actively participated in the installation planning and execution for the 13,000-ton self-installing platform.

"The Arup team has been outstanding during the fabrication and installation of the new platform. Mobilising resources as required from both their local Manila office and international oil and gas teams has ensured the project was delivered successfully."Martyn Turner, SPEX Engineering Manager