Webinar: Net Zero Carbon Strategy

How does the property industry get to net zero?

The real estate sector has one of the highest carbon footprints in the world. Successful decarbonisation of assets and a new net zero approach will be essential to reduce this impact.

Interventions that reduce embodied carbon and maximise asset performance will be key to a low carbon future. So how do we create this future and get the property industry to net zero?

Over four live webinars, we'll explore this question from strategy to delivery to operations and development. We will bring together local and international insights and case studies to share practices, precedents, challenges, and solutions.

Webinar 1: Net Zero Carbon Strategy

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

In our first webinar in the series, we heard from local and global domain experts sharing insights and discussing their experiences and future challenges on their net zero carbon journeys.

Margot Black
General Manager, Corporate Sustainability at Investa

Sara Neff
Head of ESG at Lendlease Americas

Paul Sloman
Arup Fellow, Australasia Property Business Leader

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