New Diamond Junction is set to drive traffic efficiency at Bandar Cassia, Penang

Trish Sunga Trish Sunga Australasia Press Office,Sydney
23 August 2022

The first diamond junction for Lebuhraya Bandar Cassia – a two-lane dual carriageway Diamond Junction in Bandar Cassia, Penang, Malaysia – is now open to traffic. 

Penang Infrastructure and Transport Exco, Zairil Khir Johari represented the Penang Chief Minister to officiate the opening ceremony on August 21. 

Developed by Penang Development Corporation (PDC), the 500m diamond-shaped flyover is built over an existing junction between Lebuhraya Bandar Cassia and Persiaran Cassia Barat 3. Complemented by the upgraded Lebuhraya Bandar Cassia, Lebuhraya Bandar Cassia is expected to improve traffic efficiency and connectivity between Bandar Cassia CBD and Batu Kawan Industry Park.

Explore the Diamond Junction project which will improve traffic efficiency and connectivity between Bandar Cassia CBD and Batu Kawan Industry Park
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Arup was appointed by PDC to lead the bridge, infrastructure, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical engineering design as well as the full-time supervision of the development. 

“We are delighted to achieve cost saving and delivered this project on time despite lockdowns during the pandemic, with the great work and support from all project collaborators including Arup,” said Ammar Munawwir Bin Ahmad, Project Manager, PDC.

Arup established the cost-efficient design and adopted pre-cast structures and spun piles for better durability and quality with less environmental impact. 

“In collaboration with the client, main contractor and traffic consultant, we innovatively planned and managed traffic diversion as we worked in the vicinity of live traffic, existing utilities and progressive developments,” said Wong Sik Kwang, Project Director, Arup.

The recently launched Diamond Junction is designed to withstand over 100% of traffic increase. It will cater for 10 years of growth and development around Batu Kawan, a township that is targeting sustainable growth with the highest social, economic and environmental quality of life for Penang residents.