New resilience partnership to improve life in SEA cities

Trish Sunga Trish Sunga Australasia Press Office,Sydney
14 July 2020

Arup has joined forces with influential NGO, Global Resilient Cities Network (GRCN) to champion resilience initiatives for urban populations in Southeast Asia.

Located together in Arup’s Singapore office, they will collaborate on initiatives to improve quality of life through better infrastructure, city policies and practices, and resources.

Arup’s Former Advisory, Planning and Design Leader in Singapore, Neil Walmsley said both teams were focussed on the complex challenges faced by rapidly growing cities.

For urban communities to thrive, sustainability and resilience will become paramount planning and design principles. ”

Andy Hodgson Andy Hodgson Global Advisory Services Leader

“The co-location and collaboration agreement between Arup and the GRCN will bring together, and build on, our complementary approaches to strengthening urban communities. Both organisations have deep experience and extensive networks to share knowledge and data, and expertise and tools to develop robust solutions,” Neil said.

“For example, we will be working together to further refine Arup's City Resilience Index tools and develop new guidance materials on city resilience themes.”

Arup’s relevant expertise includes the Future Cities Hub, recently established with support from the Singapore Economic Development Board. The Hub is bringing together leading professionals to work with the public and private sectors and non-government organisations across urban development, transport, social issues and critical infrastructure.  

Building the resilience of vulnerable communities and critical infrastructure requires focus, energy and strong partnerships. Both Arup and GRCN are currently working with their networks of cities to strengthen their pandemic response and recovery efforts.

Lauren Sorkin GRCN’s Acting Executive Director said the relationship with Arup comes at a critical time, with COVID-19 exposing vulnerable communities in new and far-reaching ways, adding to the scale and range of problems to be addressed.

We will be able to draw together leaders from many fields to address resilience issues, whether through research, advisory, on projects or tools. ”

Lauren Sorkin GRCN’s Acting Executive Director Lauren Sorkin Acting Executive Director, GRCN

“GRCN’s coalition of leaders and resilience practitioners in more than 90 cities in 47 countries is ready to take action and we look forward to leveraging Arup’s world-wide reach from our common seat in the SEA Region, where urbanisation is rapid and care must be taken to leave no-one behind,” Lauren added.

The GRCN is driving urban resilience action to protect vulnerable communities from climate change and other physical, social and economic urban adversities and challenges.