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New whitepaper outlines an integrated approach to urban resilience in China

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
7 May 2021

Arup has launched the ‘Urban Resilience Whitepaper’ which highlights our unique approach to growing resilience, helping cities and communities to survive and thrive amid challenges and uncertainties.

This whitepaper details the Arup approach to resilience and some of the tools we have developed with our partners across the globe. In addition to a collection of case studies worldwide, our experts working in China also share their thoughts and latest works on helping cities build resilience from different perspectives including urban design and planning, security and risks, healthcare, socio-economics, transport infrastructure, ecosystem, water, buildings and organisations.

In China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, ‘building resilient cities’ was discussed for the first time. With the country’s rapid urbanisation, building resilience will be the focus in the next stage of city development. This whitepaper brings together the insights and experience of experts from design and planning, providing comprehensive resilient solutions in response to China’s urbanisation challenges. ” (c) Arup Eric Zhang Director, General Manager of Urban Innovation Unit

The report was released today with a roundtable discussion in Beijing. Daizong Liu, China Sustainable Cities Program Director and China Transport Program Director of World Resources Institute, and Hong Chen, Director of Technology Innovation Institute, China Eco-city Academy joined Arup experts to explore how we can build smarter and more sustainable cities for the future.

The Arup approach to resilience puts human behaviour at its heart and analyses the system links across the natural and built environment. A global city advisor with in-depth local understanding, we will marry our digital creativity with domain expertise to bring tailored resilient solutions to Chinese cities. ” Michael Kwok Michael Kwok East Asia Region Chair