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New win: World’s largest Sludge Treatment Works

25 March 2011

Arup has recently been appointed as principal designer to the Veolia-Leighton-John Holland joint venture (JV) to construct the world’s largest sludge treatment works in Hong Kong.

Arup was the JV’s civil, structural, geotechnical and power generation designers during the tender stage, with engineers from Hong Kong, UK and Australia being influential in developing the project’s striking architectural design.

The sludge treatment plant will be commissioned in 2013. The waste water sludge, mainly collected from Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Works, the largest treatment facility in Hong Kong (also with Arup as its consultant), will be incinerated by fluidised bed incinerators. It will evaporate all of the water content in the sludge and burn 90% of the remaining solid component, thus the capacity required in landfills for sludge disposal will be greatly reduced.

The facility will provide Hong Kong with an iconic landmark building that is respectful of its environment. It will be entirely self sufficient; generating and exporting power to the regional electricity grid and processing sea water through a desalination plant. Rainwater will be collected for non-potable use, and waste water will be treated and re-used on site with a very low impact on the environment.

The plant will create a new kind of environment that integrates work, education, health and social well-being. An environmental education centre is designed to welcome the public and will become a valued destination for the community to relax and benefit from holistic therapy. The centre includes a visitor’s gallery and a viewing platform providing escorted visits for the public. There are also lecture theatres, an exhibition space, indoor spas, coffee and gift shops and outdoor gardens with foot baths and water features for public use.

Fergal Whyte, Arup’s East Asia Energy, Resource and Industry Leader, said: "This is an extremely important win for Arup. We are proud to help Hong Kong deliver its commitment to developing a sustainable economy with state-of-the-art sludge treatment facilities."