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'Fresh Look at BIM' Conference to take place in Warsaw, Poland on 29 November

Marina Miceli Marina Miceli Europe Press Office,London
24 November 2016

Arup is delighted to announce that Dr. Ilka May, Arup Germany is one of the key speakers at the 'Fresh Look at BIM' conference, taking place in Warsaw, Poland on 29 November.

Dr Ilka May, Associate Director, is a senior consultant with more than fifteen years’ experience working with spatial technology and data. Her work includes a number of prestigious projects and clients, such as London Olympics, Crossrail, Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, and the new Rastatt railway tunnel for Deutsche Bahn.

Building information modelling (BIM), is transforming the way that we design cities, buildings and systems to perform throughout their entire life cycle. Virtual design tools such as 3D modelling and simulation are becoming increasingly sophisticated and integrated. We believe their potential is best realised when they feed into an advanced design process that brings to life the interactions between designers and between each design element.

From bridge design to city modelling, the same principles and processes are being applied to enable collaborative and integrated design practice and maximise the flow of lifecycle information, bringing closer the ideal of "Total Design".

Arup in Poland is actively embracing these developments and making them into a key part of our multidisciplinary teams’ offerings. In addition to using BIM in our project work, each year we invest a portion of our profits in pilot projects that work toward developing new uses for data, streamlining work processes and testing new technologies. As our projects often push the limits of existing programmes, we participate regularly in technology vendor discussions. Staff members share their knowledge in a number of active internal forums, enabling us to learn new techniques rapidly.

Arup has the expertise and experience to deliver any level of BIM appropriate to a project. Through our globally connected skills networks, we are involved in a variety of different BIM projects in a diverse range of markets and sectors, from individual BIM consultancy appointments up to full multidiscipline BIM project delivery.