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Highest sustainability score for the highest Dutch timber tower

Pien Niehe Pien Niehe Europe Press Office,Amsterdam
23 November 2017

HAUT became the first residential tower in the Netherlands to reach the highest sustainability score ‘BREAAM Outstanding’ based on the final design. 

The new 21 storey tower – which will arise in 2018 at the Amstel riverside – is the highest residential building in the Netherlands with a timber structure. HAUT contributes to the city councils’ objectives towards reduction of carbon emissions, as timber contains a large capacity of CO2.

The highest score was reached mainly due to the timber structure. Trees take up carbon during their growth and as a result of this, the timber of HAUT stores 2,500 tons of carbon. Building with timber reduces the carbon emissions, compared to a similar building in concrete or steel. This equals the emissions of the energy use of the 52 apartments of the building over 10 years.


With an end score of 90,76%, the 'Outstanding' rating has been reached easily. This result reflects the clients’ ambition and the effort made by the project team. The outcome makes it one of the most sustainable buildings of Europe. Additionally this is the first residential project in the Netherlands labelled ‘Outstanding’. ” Albert-Jan Vermeulen BREEAM assessor, Mat-25

The city of Amsterdam selected in 2016 the team of Lingotto, TeamV and Arup to develop HAUT in the Amstel Quarter. The team was chosen for their view about the city of the future, in which nature and architecture are in balance. 

When dealing with integral sustainability issues, materials are becoming increasingly important. This is the reason why we have chosen timber as construction material of the future from the start. By finding innovative solutions for energy, water and waste, we were able to design an appealing transparent building of architectural quality combined with the highest BREEAM certificate. ” Matthew Vola Mathew Vola Director, Arup

In addition to the structural design, Arup is also responsible for the building services design, fire safety, building physics and acoustic design.