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New BIM Maturity Measure model launches

Charlotte S Charlotte Schofield UKIMEA Press Office,Leeds
10 March 2015

Arup has launched the Building Information Modelling Maturity Measure, a simple tool to assess the maturity - and success - of BIM implementation within projects.

Arup developed the tool to assess the use of BIM across its different projects around the world and realise a common view of BIM best practice. By making the tool freely available for wider industry use, Arup hopes to demystify BIM, drive awareness of what BIM best practise looks like and help raise capability across design and engineering disciplines.

The discipline-agnostic tool enables users to assess BIM’s use in 25 areas to build-up a comprehensive view of its implementation within a project. The data generated can then be used to identify gaps in an enterprise’s BIM implementation strategy and shape future investment decisions.

Assessment is completed directly by users, who fill-in a short series of multiple-choice questions and numerical scale rankings. It is designed for speed and ease, but also to drive the objectivity essential to benchmark one project against another. It is also shareable, allowing different project teams to participate in its completion.

"To date, BIM assessment has been complex, providing only a high level overview of its implementation and has been limited to high-achieving projects. Our BIM Maturity Measure tool aims to democratise assessment, enabling comparisons to be made across all projects quickly and easily. This will allow us to recognise where BIM has been used effectively, creating a code of best practise and helping to identify trends and training needs. We have stopped counting the projects that are doing BIM and have started to measure the maturity of BIM application on every project. The introduction of BIM is enabling efficiency gains across the construction industry. Nevertheless, BIM has also become a buzz acronym and although we are all eager to state our BIM credentials, poor or unclear implementation will not help the average project progress. By encouraging BIM assessment, we’re aiming to drive a more open conversation about the use of BIM to improve its positive impact across the project spectrum." ” Michael Stych Michael Stych Director, Arup