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Zuidasdok officially awarded to joint venture Fluor, Heijmans, HOCHTIEF

Pien Niehe Pien Niehe Europe Press Office,Amsterdam
28 February 2017

The assignment for the design and realisation of Zuidasdok has been officially awarded to ZuidPlus, the joint venture of Fluor, Heijmans and HOCHTIEF.

The project includes the broadening and tunneling of the A10 South in Amsterdam and the extension and modernisation of the Amsterdam Zuid Station. The assignment was preliminary awarded to the combination at 19 January 2017.

Joint project

The A10 South is one of the busiest highways in the Netherlands. During rush hours the highway and the ramps S108 and S109 are congested and on the station's platforms it is already very busy. The highway will be extended to eight lanes for through traffic and four lanes for destination traffic. The road will go underground at the level of the current station. Tunneling the A10 at the Zuidas will provide the outdated station with space for growth towards a quality public transport hub. Additionally two parts of a city quarter will be stitched together, which creates one single living, working and shopping area. The interrelationship of the urban road network, A10 and Station Amsterdam Zuid, Zuidasdok became a joint construction project of Rijkswaterstaat, the city of Amsterdam, ProRail, the Province North-Holland and the transport region Amsterdam.

"With the project Zuidasdok we will give impetus to the accessibility of the northern Randstad. The Zuidas will keep to develop into a top location for international companies, shops and housing."
Mrs. M. Schultz van Haegen, Minister of Infrastructure and Environment. ”

Consideration for the environment 

Zuidasdok will be realised in the heart of the busy Zuidas, where living, working and business go together on a small plot. The tender specifically asked for maximal consideration for the environment, and appealed to the creativity in the market, based on the reference design and a comprehensive set of requirements, in order to limit area nuisance among others. ZuidPlus succeeded in offering creative solutions in order to minimise hindrance as much as possible. The construction traffic is limited by cleverly combining supply and discharge of people and materials. The installation of two construction roads, which are directly connected to the A10, will keep construction traffic away from the city to the utmost extent. The tunnels for the A10 will be created following a wall/roof method, enabling an extensive part of the work to be done under a roof, which is much quieter for the environment.


The construction starts in 2019. In the upcoming period preparations are planned, as well as panning out the offering for preliminary design and a closer detailing of the approach and planning. Zuidasdok will be ready in 2028. The contract has a value of 990M Euro and is currently one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the Netherlands. The project is funded by the government, the city of Amsterdam, the transport region Amsterdam and the Province North-Holland with an extra contribution of the NS (the Dutch railways). Rijkswaterstaat will act as contracting authority.

Arup will focus on the design of the station and the public space. The services we will deliver are structural design, BIM, lighting design, pedestrian flow simulations, fire safety, wind hindrance consulting, building physics and acoustics.