Novaliches-Balara Aqueduct 4 Inauguration

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
8 March 2023

After five years of construction, Novaliches-Balara Aqueduct 4 (NBAQ4) has recently been inaugurated to deliver 1,000 million litres of water per day, serving more than 7.4 million people in eastern Metro Manila.

We are proud to have helped Manila Water to deliver this flagship project, ensuring water supply reliability and security in a highly urbanised city. The NBAQ4 project is a testament to major infrastructure development being possible without causing disruption to either public roads or the local community. ” Raul Manlapig Raul Manlapig Director

The project involves construction of a 7.3km, 3.1m diameter tunnel beneath Commonwealth Avenue using a tunnel boring machine – a first in Metro Manila. Other components of the project include a new intake facility in La Mesa reservoir, an outlet structure in Balara treatment plants and the downstream network system.

The project also provides redundancy in the event that the existing three raw water aqueducts are shut down for subsequent assessments and rehabilitation.

Our Manila and Hong Kong team collaborated throughout the project phases – from undertaking the development of the reference design, specifications and contract for the project through to the construction supervision and commissioning.