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Positive planning culture championed in Melbourne

Australasia Press Office
25 August 2014

Arup hosted its latest Shaping our City forum around the future of Melbourne on Thursday, 14 August.

Moderated by Narelle Hooper, former editor of Financial Review’s BOSS magazine, and headlined by four prominent thinkers – the forum highlights how Melbourne can move towards becoming a more vibrant and liveable city.

Panelist Jane Monk from Metropolitan Planning Authority said that Melbourne is constantly growing and changing.

However, we need champions and a positive planning culture to allow the city to become even better, more vibrant, dense and diverse. Establishing the Metropolitan Planning Authority is a step in the right direction – we can put forward the case for streamlined planning approaches and more targeted infrastructure. ” Jane Monk Director, Inner City, Metropolitan Planning Authority

Dr Carolyn Whitzman, the panelist from the University of Melbourne shared her three key steps to shaping our city for a sustainable future: a plan linked to measurable outcomes; integration of various needs for a growing city; and partnership between governments, private sector and civil society.

A measurable outcome such as ‘a carbon neutral city’ or ‘proportion of neighbourhoods with affordable housing near public transport, jobs and services’ can help anchor and rally support for a city plan. This should be combined with integrated investment between provision of services such as public transport and childcare, and implementation of sustainable policy and infrastructure. ” Carolyn Whitzman Professor, Urban Planning, The University of Melbourne

Contributing insight from the private sector was Mark Rogers from Colonial First State Global Asset Management.

For those investing in the infrastructure of our cities, a sustainability overlay is critical for the protection and enhancement of the value of these important assets. This overlay must be included in the ‘how’ of the future of our cities if we are to make the built environment of our communities productive, liveable and long lived. ” Mark Rogers Asset Manager, Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Finally, Rob Turk from Arup shared insight from his experiences working on two major reports for City of Melbourne: Zero Net Emissions by 2020 and Northern Horizons – 50 Year Infrastructure Strategy for Melbourne’s North.

The forum demonstrated the power in bringing disparate disciplines together to discuss what is possible. By shaping conversations we can shape the cities of the future. ” Rob Turk Former Sustainability Leader

The four Shaping our City forum sessions to date have highlighted many opportunities for renewal, sustainability and investment in the City of Melbourne. Arup is proud to have facilitated and contributed to these important discussions and thanks all that have participated.