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Public opening of Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Display Pavilion

Rebecca Maloney Rebecca Maloney Americas Press Office ,Boston
29 October 2012

Arup is thrilled to announce the completion of work on the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Display Pavilion at the California Science Center in Exposition Park.

+ Film: seismic simulation for Endeavour.

The Pavilion will serve as the temporary home of Endeavour. Arup’s Los Angeles office has been providing basic new support services for the Pavilion since August 2011 pro bono, including seismic design, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering, as well as firelife safety, lighting design, security, and mechanical acoustic consulting.

Arup is proud to support the California Science Center in its historic mission of bringing Endeavour back to California ” Atila Zekioglu Atila Zekioglu Principal

In order to protect the shuttle from the risks of a major earthquake, Arup’s structural design utilized a base isolation concept to support the Endeavour.

The four friction-pendulum seismic isolators will break the connection between Endeavour and the ground, dissipating the energy released in the event of an earthquake. The seismic isolators enable Endeavour to glide gently back and forth on low-friction sliders, thus protecting the shuttle from the direct impact of an earthquake ” Atila Zekioglu Atila Zekioglu Principal

To further protect Endeavour, Arup specified quick response smoke-detection video cameras capable of monitoring the space directly under the shuttle. To maintain the visitor experience, we designed high-powered theatrical lighting to highlight the features of the shuttle while maintaining clear views for photography.

From the inception of this project, Arup collaborated closely with Zimmer Gunsul Frasca (ZGF), the architects for the Endeavour Display Pavilion, as well as the Boeing Company, the Sarens Group, Morley Builders, and T. Violé Construction. We also worked closely with California Science Center staff to develop designs that utilized in-kind donations from equipment manufacturers and the existing building’s available system capacity in order to keep costs as low as possible.

We are truly grateful for the thousands of hours of pro bono support that has been provided by Arup’s engineers, designers, and technical specialists. Their advice and expertise has resulted in significant cost savings to the California Science Foundation. The enthusiasm and support from industry leaders like Arup, who are committed to helping bring this national treasure to Los Angeles has been extraordinary. It has been a pleasure working with the Arup team on this once-in-a-lifetime project. ” Jeffrey N Rudolph President and CEO of the California Science Center

Arup would like to take this opportunity to thank the companies who offered their products and services in order to help realize this project:

  • Earthquake Protections Systems, Inc. (Seismic isolators)

  • DMG Corporation (Air handlers and variable frequency drives)

  • Ebtron, Inc. (Flow meters)

  • Energy Labs Inc. (Air handlers)

  • Facilities Protection Systems (Installation and technical support for video detection system)

  • Fike Corporation (Video detection system equipment)

  • Honeywell (Notifier fire alarm system)

  • UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UV lights)

The Pavillion opens to the public from 30 October 2012. Arup is currently working on Endeavour’s permanent home, the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center, an expansion envisioned as part of the Science Center’s 25 year master plan.