Reporting from Marghera and other Waterfronts & Future of Ports

This exhibition is made of two parts. Reporting from Marghera and Other Waterfronts, Special Project of the XV Architecture Venice Biennale, explores the changing relationships between port and city, whilst Future of Ports invites visitors to consider a future in which the port once again becomes the beating heart of urban transformation.

The strength of the relationship between port and city has defined the competitiveness, economic success and international reputation of some of the world’s greatest cities for centuries. For some, the port continues to drive economic success, for others the port’s decline has forced economic diversity or redundancy. ” Jerome Frost Jerome Frost Director

In the last few decades global trends have seen port and city life become increasingly separated, often to the detriment of both. Today, automation, 3D printing, AV mobility, drone based delivery systems and big data have the potential to dramatically disrupt established manufacturing, distribution and trading systems. As these changes blur the boundaries between economic sectors we will see resurgent relationships, where port activity and city merge to drive economic growth and physical transformation.