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Showcasing innovation at Construction Innovation Expo 2019

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
17 December 2019

Arup showcases the innovative designs and digital tools it developed to shape the future of the built environment at the 2019 Construction Innovation Expo taking place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 17 to 20 December.

Throughout the 4-day Expo, we will be revealing the interactive displays of a wide variety of award-winning projects and innovations, demonstrating our efforts in putting innovation in action to improve the built environment and shape a better world.

Some of the key innovations include:

  • Neuron – an AI-enabled digital platform designed for our future smart building and city operation;

  • Air Induction Unit – a patented ventilation device providing moving air for comfort, particularly in transient spaces such as metro platforms or semi-outdoor eating areas;

  • Hybrid outrigger – a system with structural fuse for tall buildings that ensures safety of the whole tower;

  • Artus – a high-performance and low-energy fan coil unit that saves energy, money and space compared to its alternatives; and more.


Cutting-edge technologies such as AI, digital fabrication, robotics and machine learning systems are transforming the ways buildings are designed, constructed, managed, operated and maintained. Spearheading this digital transformation journey, Arup differentiates ourselves not only through researches on new ideas, but also turning these innovative ideas into tangible opportunities that produce real values. ” Goman Hoc Goman Ho Director of Innovations

In addition to the innovative display and showcases, Michael Kwok, East Asia Chair, and Jimmy Tong, Associate, will also be giving presentations on 19 December to share our role in facing the upcoming trend of advanced digital technologies and exploring the ways to venture into new realms in the built environment.

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