Arup wins urban regeneration competition for former Pavia industrial site, Supernova

Floriana Palomba Floriana Palomba Europe Press Office, Italy
12 June 2020

Arup’s urban design concept for the sustainable regeneration of a 11-hectare disused industrial site in the city of Pavia, south of Milan, has won an invite-only private competition, launched by private developer PV01.RE Srl. 

The masterplan design, named Supernova, envisions a sustainable mixed-use development favouring active transport modes and green infrastructure. The design pays homage to the area’s industrial past as a key manufacturing hub for Italy’s famed sewing machine, the Necchi. Celebrating both its industrial heritage and agricultural surrounds, our architects, planners and sustainability consultants have favoured active travel modes, including a pedestrian and bike network, alongside smart living accommodation and student housing as well as office and retail amenities and a hotel. 

Mobility and integration are the key design drivers for this regeneration project, that will stitch the area back into the city of Pavia and bring it closer than ever to Milan. Supernova will also be serviced by a new Pavia Nord station on the SS13 line, connecting to Milano Rogoredo in 19 minutes.  

The strategic urban regeneration looks to preserve iconic buildings, including the industrial chimney and the entrance to the former Necchi Factory, showcasing memories of the area’s prestigious industrial past. Embracing circular economy principles, the design will salvage materials from any demolitions and soil remediation works to re-use as new landscaping features and buildings. 

Supernova will boast an extensive cycle and pedestrian network crisscrossing a main diagonal retail thoroughfare departing from the new train station square to the Navigli canal and Pavia city center.  

Initially appointed as the lead Urban Planner, Arup will also provide the architectural design for the complex. 

Urban regeneration-Supernova-Pavia Urban regeneration-Supernova-Pavia

The regeneration of the former Necchi site in Pavia is an ambitious project, where we aim to create a new sustainable vibrant and attractive community, which is rooted in the history and projected towards the future. For such a challenging project we appointed Arup, an independent design firm well-known for its total design approach and with whom we share the same values. ” Paolo Signoretti CEO PV01.RE srl.