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Taipei Performing Arts Center completes

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
13 May 2022

The Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC) has been completed, adding a new spectacular landmark at the heart of Taipei. It will also become the epicentre of the island’s vibrant contemporary culture.

Arup provided advice on structural, MEP, sustainable design and fire engineering for TPAC, for which OMA’s unique design won an international design competition in 2008. Our Beijing, Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles offices worked closely with OMA / Rem Koolhaas and David Gianotten and local partners, including KRIS YAO | ARTECH, throughout the competition, scheme and preliminary design stages.

Located at Taipei’s Shilin Night Market, TPAC features three theatres plugging into a central cube to allow performing spaces to be coupled for new theatrical possibilities. The central cube is lifted off the ground to create a landscaped plaza. From there, a free-to-access Public Loop runs through the infrastructure and spaces for performing arts production that are typically hidden, inviting the masses into the building to experience different aspects of the theatre.

Taipei Performing Arts Center (c) OMA Photography by Chris Stowers Taipei Performing Arts Center (c) OMA Photography by Chris Stowers
Taipei Performing Arts Center (c) OMA Photography by Chris Stowers

Theater has a very long tradition. With this project, we want to contribute to the history of the theater, and challenge the increasingly standardized contemporary theater design. We combined three auditoria in a particular way, and we are interested to see how this architecture will have an impact in terms of extending what we can do in theater. ” Rem Koolhaas Founding Partner, OMA

The configuration of three theaters plugged into a central cube has resulted in new internal workings of the performing spaces to inspire unimagined productions. The Public Loop exposes visitors to these new works and their creative processes. We are excited by how the building constantly generates new relationships between artists, spectators, and the public. ” David Gianotten Managing Partner – Architect, OMA

Arup has developed a resilient, highly efficient structural system for TPAC that gives freedom for architectural planning, yet with sufficient strength and stiffness to resist Taipei’s high seismicity. With the first use of friction pendulum isolators in Taiwan, the system has realised the iconic design vision with the most economic and resilient building possible for the location.


TPAC is a true example of Arup’s total design approach, with all disciplines contributing to the success of the overall scheme. Our focus on resilience adds further value to the project: by base-isolating the building, we significantly reduced earthquake forces, minimising the damage to the structure and finishes, and enabling it to be occupiable immediately after a severe earthquake. It can thus be an important post-quake facility for the local community. ” Chas Pope Chas Pope Project Manager and Associate Principal, Arup

Test performances at TPAC took place between March and May 2022. The theatre will be officially open to public in August.