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Warsaw to join EBRD’s Green Cities Network

Paula Baranowska Paula Baranowska Marketing & Communications Assistant,Warsaw
7 December 2020

Warsaw will be the first city in Poland to join the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Green Cities programme and develop a tailor-made strategic action plan, which will help the country’s largest city in its journey towards becoming climate neutral. EBRD Green Cities combines this strategic planning with targeted investment and associated technical assistance.

The Green City and Climate Action Plan (GCCAP) for Warsaw is a first of its kind under the EBRD’s flagship urban sustainability programme through a partnership with C40. The GCCAP combines EBRD’s strategic planning approach with C40’s Climate Action Plan methodology, supporting Warsaw to address its most pressing environmental challenges while laying out a longer term trajectory for Warsaw to deliver on the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Arup will work with the City of Warsaw to deliver the GCCAP, and will be a key partner in supporting wider stakeholder engagement from across the Polish capital’s many sectors.

To combat climate crisis, we need to replace constant growth with sustainable development. Warsaw will invest in climate resilience and will aim towards climate-neutrality by 2050. We look forward to working with Arup, C40 and EBRD to strengthen our green strategy. ” Rafał Trzaskowski The Mayor of Warsaw

Jointly funded by the Taiwan Business – EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund and the Government of Poland, Warsaw’s GCCAP will include extensive consultations with the Municipal Council to secure consensus and guarantee that any planned activities are sustainable.

Arup has worked with EBRD for nearly four years, charting the expansion of the EBRD Green Cities programme from a three-city pilot to a network of over 40 cities.

We are delighted to be working with the City of Warsaw and C40 to create a practical plan of action to make the city greener and more sustainable. ”

Ireneusz Kolodziej, Associate Director, Arup Ireneusz Kołodziej Associate Director

Ahead of the programme’s kick-off in 2020, Warsaw received support from the EBRD for the purchase of a new fleet of trains to expand the city’s metro network, a crucial investment for the city as it seeks to ensure a fast, comfortable and sustainable transport for its citizens.

Having Warsaw as part of the EBRD Green Cities network is very exciting due to the City’s already impressive work on climate and environmental improvement. ” Susan Goeransson Director, Infrastructure Europe, Sustainable Infrastructure Group, EBRD

Arup has been a partner to C40 Cities for ten years and we look forward to working with EBRD and the City of Warsaw as it joins the EBRD Green Cities network.

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