What makes a cultural icon? Creating arts and culture experiences for everyone


A thriving arts and culture sector is a thriving world and a vehicle for shared connection. Southeast Asia is rich in cultural diversity with venues integral for celebrating identity and dynamic creativity.

Through our experience working on leading venues, like the Sydney Opera House, we have a unique understanding of the complexity and creativity it takes to deliver a cultural icon.

Recently Tateo Nakajima, Arup Fellow, and Arts and Culture Industry Leader, shared insights into his work designing some of the world’s favourite cultural venues, including Singapore’s Performing Arts Centre, Poland’s National Forum of Music and Canada’s La Maison Symphonique.

 Watch the recording of the webinar below.

Watch the recording of our recent webinar 'What makes arts and culture venues iconinc?'
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About Tateo Nakajima

Tateo leads creative and passionate design teams shaping the world’s most memorable arts facilities, using his expertise in AV, acoustics and theatre design. As an Arup Fellow, he provides technical excellence on our most challenging projects and is a pioneer in innovation and design in the global Arts and Culture industry. 

A thriving arts and culture sector is a vehicle for shared connection, and in Southeast Asia cultural venues are integral for celebrating identity and dynamic creativity. We bring global expertise to arts projects locally, designing venues which shape and support our collective identity and the ongoing sustainability of our communities. 

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