An AECOM Arup joint venture (JV) has been appointed as a design and consenting service partner for National Grid’s Great Grid Partnership.

The Partnership, which will initially focus on the network design and construction work required by the end of the decade on nine major infrastructure projects across England and Wales, forms part of a £9bn supply chain framework which will also support infrastructure projects beyond 2030.

In just the next six years, the major grid modernisation programme will entail building five times more electricity infrastructure than constructed over the past 30 years through the projects, which sit within the Accelerated Strategic Transmission Investment (ASTI) framework. It will see planned renewable energy facilities, including wind farms in the North Sea, benefitting from improved infrastructure to the backbone of the UK’s power system and enabling the transition to net zero. This will ultimately lead to cheaper energy and less reliance on fossil fuels.

The joint venture’s work will include delivering the consents for individual schemes within the programme. These consents will be through Development Consent Orders (DCOs) which entail technical and environmental design and preparation, as well as stakeholder engagement on the plans.

Supporting National Grid, partnering with AECOM, offers us an incredible opportunity to deliver a pivotal infrastructure project that facilitates the UK’s transition to net zero. As designers and engineers, we all have a critical role in enabling a clean, fair and affordable energy future for all and this work, which so closely aligns with our own purpose and values, gives us a fantastic opportunity to play our part

Kate Hall

Arup Regional Board Director and Enterprise Director for the JV