A bright future for the iconic Bowen Wharf in Queensland has taken a pivotal step forward following the announcement of Arup as Lead Design Consultant.

Arup will lead the design and leverage its extensive experience in crafting acclaimed waterfront destinations to lead the community consultation and deliver a finalised concept design. 

The North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) also appointed Nawar Spear as Project Director.

NQBP CEO Brendan Webb welcomed the appointments as a major step closer to launching community consultation on the iconic Wharf’s design.

“Since the funding announcement, we’ve undertaken a refurbishment study to understand the current condition of the Bowen Wharf and explore feasible refurbishment options,” Mr Webb said.

“Working closely with Bowen stakeholders, including the Bowen Chamber of Commerce, Save the Jetty Committee, and the Bowen Collinsville Enterprise, we’ve worked through the findings of the report.

“NQBP and Arup will now work together to engage with stakeholders, develop a draft concept, undertake community consultation, and deliver a finalised concept design.

“We are committed to designing a Wharf that meets the needs of the community, ensuring Bowen has a vibrant and valued public asset for generations to come.”

Mr Webb said the Bowen Wharf project was possible thanks to $50 million in funding allocated by the Queensland Government under the 2023-24 Budget.

Arup Project Director Mr Shy Tay acknowledged the 150-year-old Wharf is a valued facility for the community and visitors.

“The Bowen Wharf Project is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us to design a valuable recreational facility for the Bowen community,” Shay said.

“The future structure will improve visitor amenity and access, provide new experiences, and acknowledge the diversity of stories associated with this place.

“We’re committed to engaging with the Bowen community to develop ideas that will leave a lasting legacy for the whole community.”