In his new role at Arup, Sachin will drive forward the firm’s hydrogen and energy portfolio, leveraging his extensive expertise to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of their clients in India.

The energy paradigm in India is currently experiencing a profound transformation, fuelled by an increasing focus on sustainability, the uptake of renewable energy, and the emerging prominence in green hydrogen. As India considers an ambitious goal of producing 5 million metric tons (MMT) of green hydrogen by 2030, Arup is firmly dedicated to offering its expertise in policy formulation, engineering, and design to facilitate this journey.

Sachin’s leadership will play a pivotal role in shaping Arup's contributions to the sustainable development agenda, furthering its mission to create a more resilient and climate conscious built environment including pioneering initiatives in the hydrogen value chain.

During his tenure at IndianOil, Sachin demonstrated his expertise by leading a series of strategic, policy-oriented, and R&D initiatives focused on alternative fuels, automotive emissions, and carbon management. His tactical insights and leadership drove advancements in hydrogen blended CNG technologies, the establishment of cutting-edge fuel cell and electrolyser research laboratories, and the successful execution of demonstration programs on green hydrogen.

In addition, his accomplishments also included the introduction of first fuel cell buses in Delhi for demonstration trials, showcasing the practical applications of emerging technologies in real-world operation.

Sachin holds an advanced postgraduate certification in Business Analytics from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and a Master's in Thermal Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.

His significant impact on hydrogen’s technological landscape and national policy initiatives in green hydrogen is evidenced by his 12 patents and over 20 research papers in alternative energy and hydrogen besides numerous participations on technical forums in both India and abroad. He has also mentored three start-ups on technology development and guided three PhD students in the domain of hydrogen and fuel cells.


What our experts say

We are excited to welcome Sachin Chugh to the Arup team. His experience and leadership in the field of energy will be instrumental in driving innovation and delivering sustainable solutions that align with our commitment to shaping a better world. With over 18 years of comprehensive experience at IndianOil Research and Development Centre, Sachin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in hydrogen and alternative energy solutions to his new role at Arup.

Mark Neller

UKIMEA Energy Leader