Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) has for the first-time published Arup Australia’s median gender pay gap data, along with that of all private sector firms with 100 employees or more.

This follows new legislation passed in March 2023 by the Australian Government as a key reform to drive transparency and action towards closing the gender pay gap including dismantling barriers to the career advancement of women.


Arup in Australia’s median gender pay gap for 2022 – 2023 is 18.5 per cent, against an industry average of 25.1 per cent. The median gender pay gap compares the earnings of the middle-ranking man to the middle-ranking woman. This gap reduces as more women occupy senior or higher paying roles.

Australasia Co-Chair, Kerryn Coker said progress has been made to reduce the gender pay gap at Arup, but there is clearly still much work to be done. 

“Along with Arup’s leadership team, I’m deeply committed to closing the gender pay gap as a measure of overall gender equality within our firm. Our action plan is focused on building an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity, and attracts and retains the best and brightest minds, and importantly aims to achieve equal representation of women in senior leadership roles.

From the promotion of flexible working, and taking a shared approach to caring responsibilities, to actively preventing sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination, and implementing equitable salary review principles, our policies are designed to enable equality for all,” she said.

As a Champions of Change Coalition firm with a purpose to shape a better, more equitable world, Arup supports the publication of gender pay gaps as part of national efforts to advance gender equality. 

“Publicly releasing pay gap data is a critical step forward in driving action to address pay inequity, by highlighting and demonstrating accountability for outcomes. We know the most effective and lasting changes will be achieved by working together to solve the structural and systemic challenges that underpin gender pay gaps in our industry,” she added.

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