Arup has earned three accolades at the HKIOA Acoustics Awards 2023, including one Silver and two Merit awards.


Our acoustic design for M+ has cliched the Silver Award in the Architectural Acoustics category. Housing 17,000m² of exhibition space across 33 galleries, along with a range of facilities and office spaces, M+ hosts a vast collection of over 7,000 works of visual arts and more than 46,000 archival objects. It was therefore critical, yet challenging, to create a comfortable and engaging atmosphere for visitors.

Arup’s acoustic design successfully addressed the complex requirements of the building, minimising noise distractions and optmising the visitor experience, particularly in areas that require quiet contemplation. One notable highlight was the use of Arup’s SoundLab, an auralisation studio that allowed both stakeholders and the design team to experience the acoustic design and recognise the effect of any changes made during the design process. This immersive experience provided an objective framework to measure all factors and make informed decisions to achieve optimal performance.


Our acoustic transformation for AsiaWorld-Expo arena has been honoured a Merit award in the Architectural Acoustics category. To transition the 18-year-old arena into a world-class performance venue, we successfully identified sources of excessive sound reflection and echoes and proposed mitigation measures by using advanced measurement tools and computer modelling. The installation of sound absorptive panels at key locations significantly improved the acoustic performance of the arena, resulting in a clear and immersive listening experience for concert-goers.

Clockenflap Music & Arts Festival 2023

Our design for Clockenflap Music & Arts Festival 2023 has won a Merit Award in the Environmental Noise category. As the project acoustic consultant, we successfully optimised the acoustic performance in a challenging environment. The team conducted a comprehensive assessment of noise impact during outdoor concerts and provided advice on mitigation measures to minimise noise impact on surrounding office buildings and government facilities in Central, while ensuring an immersive musical experience for the audience. 

These measures included the use of complex models of stage speaker simulations to determine sound levels, along with a sound system equipped with active noise cancelling technology. Strategic placement of barrier mats and storage containers further helped mitigate noise, ensuring compliance with stringent government noise limits. Our innovative approach to acoustic design was further showcased through the use of remote live noise monitoring for sound level management.

We are honoured to receive these awards as testaments to our innovative acoustic design. With our expertise and advanced technologies including auralisation and computer modelling, we continuously push the boundaries of acoustic excellence, creating immersive and engaging atmospheres that optimise audience experience.

Henry Chan

Associate Director