Arup has been commissioned by the Lands Department, in support of the Development Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government, to provide expert advisory services for the creation of a cohesive data governance framework and a comprehensive IT security policy to protect the mission-critical infrastructure of integrated underground utilities information system and make Hong Kong’s smart city plan a reality.

Given the numerous data domains under its purview, the Lands Department needs a unified framework to effectively manage these data domains. Our data governance framework will help standardise and formalise data management policies, governance roles within each department, a cross-departmental data council and also external private entities. This framework will ensure accuracy, completeness and consistency of data and encourage compliance among government departments and utility contractors. 

Additionally, our IT security policy aims to safeguard valuable assets by providing guidelines and regulations that establish security standards to enhance security compliance within the organisation. It will also assist the Lands Department to establish compliance standards and guidelines by referring to the prevailing government standards and international standards such as ISO-27001, SANS and NIST to protect user data and other confidential information.

We are honoured to have been selected for this engagement and look forward to partnering with the Lands Department to achieve its data management and IT security objectives, paving the way for the city’s development into a smart city.

Sankar VS

East Asia Digital Services Leader, Arup