Arup is delighted to again partner with this year’s CHART Architecture fair, working with the teams of emerging architects and designers to develop designs to be built and displayed during the cultural event later in August at Copenhagen’s Kunsthal Charlottenborg. 

For its ninth edition, the architecture competition is exploring the New European Bauhaus, asking participants to reinvent and reinterpret its key concepts for today’s world. Architectural innovation, creativity and collaboration drive the New European Bauhaus to imagine new possibilities for the coexistence of humans, nature, and technology. 

CHART expects this year’s crop of forward-thinking projects, to be displayed between August 24th- 27th in the courtyards of Kunsthal Charlottenborg, will act as thought-provoking pieces for practitioners looking for a more sustainable and inclusive practice of architecture. 

Arup will host two masterclasses focusing on circular thinking to help participants bring their architectural concepts to life. 

A well-known design hotspot, Copenhagen is also getting ready to host this year’s UIA World Congress of Architects from 2nd to 6th July 2023, bringing together architects, urban planners, and design professionals from around the globe. This conference serves as a platform for exchanging ideas, exploring the latest trends in architecture, and addressing pressing challenges in the field. As Copenhagen prepares to welcome architects and designers from all corners of the world, the CHART Architecture 2023 Competition adds to the excitement, showcasing the innovative and creative spirit of the Nordic region.

We are excited about this year’s theme ‘New European Bauhaus’. The core principles of aesthetics, inclusion and sustainability also drive Arup’s global agenda, and we look forward to exploring new ways of bringing these to life in collaboration with emerging Nordic architects and designers.

Christian Allison

Director, Arup