Arup has again obtained the highest-level CO2 Performance Ladder certificate (level 5), a management system that helps organisations map and reduce carbon emissions from business operations and projects.

Our targets and progress towards reducing CO2 emissions are shared through our annual CO2 Performance Ladder progress report. In 2022, we reduced our carbon emisssions by 64% compared to 2018. Demonstrating our commitment to a more sustainable operation, we continued to reduce our carbon emissions for the first half of 2023, as shown in the graphic below, and expect to half our annual emissions compared to last year.

Arup in the Netherlands measures CO2 performance across three scopes:

  • Scope 1: We are reducing CO2 emissions from our lease vehicles by transitioning to a fully electric fleet.

  • Scope 2: We've set clear targets to reduce CO2 emissions related to electricity use, as part of our office-related CO2 reduction goal. We're also actively reducing business air travel by carefully considering trip objectives and prioritising teleconferencing options.

  • Scope 3: We're committed to keeping the number of flights to a minimum, prioritising alternatives like trains and flights. We've embraced electric driving for business purposes and encourage our staff to consider sustainable commuting options as well as flexible working.

Our commitment to clients

Arup’s breadth of advisory and technical knowledge helps clients respond to climate change risks and produce the built environment more sustainably. 

Through our sustainability advisory, digital tools like the Circular Buildings Toolkit, and trend analysis services, we enable clients to navigate the complex climate policy landscape and future proof their organisations against climate hazards.