Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), has selected Arup, Iv, and Wagemaker to reassess bridges and viaducts across the Netherlands under a new framework.

This strategic partnership will assess some 100 steel, movable, and concrete bridges in the Netherlands over the next six years, ensuring their structural safety and operational lifespan.

The framework will help Rijkswaterstaat get ready for challenges around ageing infrastructure, including increased transport loads, maintenance and regeneration of bridges and viaducts. With a commitment to sustainability and efficiency, the partnership aims to preserve existing infrastructure where feasible while implementing necessary upgrades to ensure long-term functionality.

The partnership will provide Rijkswaterstaat with actionable insights into the structural integrity and remaining lifespan of bridges and viaducts to inform the decision-making process around maintenance, renovation, and life extension measures.

Under the framework, Arup will advise on steel structures, with IV tackling complex moveable bridges and Wagemaker on concrete and structural safety.

Arup will draw on its extensive work in monitoring and extending the functional lifespan of ageing transport assets for RWS, through 15 years’ of bridge engineering knowledge gained on Galecopper Bridge, Suurhoff Bridge, Van Brienenoord Bridge.

In the face of evolving challenges and requirements, the Arup, Iv and Wagemaker partnership will contribute to improving bridge management practice and the safety and longevity of vital transport infrastructure in the Netherlands.

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