Arup has engaged seven local secondary schools to ignite sustainable campus ideas through the 6-month ‘Sustainable School Explorer’ Programme.

Co-organised by Arup and youth-focused social enterprise La Violet Education (LVE), the programme concluded with a closing ceremony yesterday, showcasing the students’ unique sustainable solutions tailored for their school campuses.

Arup’s designers and engineers worked closely with LVE, teachers and principals to engage over 130 secondary students in identifying the ‘pain points’ of their schools and developing innovative and practical green campus solutions. 

The solutions cover themes such as renewable energy, water conservation, waste reduction and recycling. Notable projects include an ‘energy room’ that uses a homemade electricity-generating bike to produce cool air for the classroom; a smart paper towel holder that tracks individual paper towel consumption to encourage less usage; and a design prototype of a sustainable garden with a water retention lawn and a solar greenhouse for water and energy conservation.

Launched in December 2022, the ‘Sustainable School Explorer Programme’ aims to empower local youths to transform their campuses into testing grounds for learning and experimenting innovative ideas to make their schools more sustainable.

We’re pleased to collaborate with Arup for this special educational programme where students learnt from and interacted with professional engineers and designers who volunteered in the activities. We truly hope the students can be inspired to take the first step in their continued journey of a sustainable explorer.

Kit Wong

Founder of La Violet Education