Arup has been awarded the ‘GreenRE Platinum Rating’ for their interiors of their new offices in the city of Petaling Jaya. This marks the first time the platinum certification has been awarded to an office interior in Malaysia.

Lawrence Yeap, Malaysia Leader, Arup said: “Being the first in Malaysia to achieve the Platinum rating for Office Interior category, this recognition is a testament to our commitment and dedication to sustainable development. It is an exemplary project for us to showcase to clients with the aim to inspire more industry players to create a sustainable built environment.

“Targeting the accreditation allowed us to bring to life our core purpose of shaping a better world through sustainable development. Our new offices put health and wellbeing at the centre of their design, maximising daylight and using environmentally friendly materials in the furniture and fittings wherever possible. The workplace also incorporates collaboration space to encourage the exchange of ideas and development of integrated solutions, backed by excellent digital technologies and tools.”

Co-designed with Hassell, the Arup team contributed to the project with environmentally sustainable design, lighting, acoustic and audio-visual systems, and mechanical and electrical engineering. It features environmentally friendly solutions such as LED light sources, occupancy sensors and dimmers to regulate office lighting, energy recovery water systems and high energy-efficient office equipment, water-efficient water fittings, environmentally preferred and socially responsible office chairs and high-efficiency chillers.

“We are encouraged by Arup’s drive towards sustainable real estate. Arup KL Office, the first GreenRE Platinum office under the Office Interior category, places emphasis on sustainability and occupants’ well-being. This approach aligns with corporate ESG objectives, balancing sustainability (Environmental) and staff wellbeing with local community considerations (Social).” Nur Fateha Jamaluddin, Senior Manager, Technical Department GreenRE.

The office has achieved an energy saving of 25% in the year from May 2022 to April 2023. 

The new Arup Kuala Lumpur office is located at Level 26, 1 Powerhouse – a Grade A MSC-status landscaped green tower with a GreenRE Gold rating.