Arup has launched our Foresight services in Spain to help clients anticipate emerging trends, identify future opportunities and risks, and improve long-term resilience.  

For over a decade, we have been advising public and private sector clients through our global Foresight capabilities. Arup’s Foresight team in Madrid will seek to drive positive change for clients and help them navigate a rapidly changing world.  

The team in Spain will offer Foresight services on horizon scanning, scenario planning, identification and prioritisation of emerging risks and opportunities, along with the development of strategic visions. They will also offer Foresight training as well as thought leadership services.

Arup’s strong track record in delivering foresight services for clients include  masterplan design strategies, positioning of circular economy strategies, creation of prototypes for sustainable and innovative products, and future-looking building designs, able to respond to the evolving needs of users 20 years from now. 

What they say

We are very excited about the arrival of Foresight services in Spain. This is a new opportunity to anticipate and build the future with and for our clients. We will work with them to boost their strategic planning and risk management capabilities in an increasingly complex environment.

Olivier Woeffray

Foresight Leader, Spain