Arup has been announced as a founding ‘Activator’ of Homewards, a five-year locally led programme that will demonstrate that together it is possible to end homelessness.

Launched by The Royal Foundation and Prince William, Homewards will take a transformative approach to the issue of homelessness and put collaboration at its heart, giving six flagship locations in the UK new space, tools, and relationships to showcase what can be achieved through a collective effort focused on preventing homelessness in their areas.

Through our Community Engagement programme Arup has been helping to design the initiative and will continue to help forge partnership and progress as one of the first Activators, combining our global experience and skills, with local knowledge of the six flagship locations.

This practical and strategic support will include running workshops within flagship locations, pulling together research and examples from around the world, including from our own work to tackle homelessness, and advising on the detail of solutions. Over five years these local approaches will be pulled together into a blueprint that can be applied to any town or city in the UK.

Arup Director, Tom Bridges, is joining the National Expert Advisory Panel.

We believe that with ambition, innovation and shared commitment homelessness can be ended. We will bring our expertise and experience in cities and towns to contribute to this mission, that is critical to us all. Drawing on research and examples from around the world, we are looking forward to informing and developing together, the approaches and tools that can make homelessness rare, brief, and non-repeating.

Tom Bridges

Director, Arup

Homelessness devastates lives and drastically restricts the potential of people and communities, as it is the nexus of many of the forces and inequalities in our society. We have seen in our work in cities across the world that through partnership at neighbourhood, city and national levels, practical and effective solutions can be found. We are proud to be part of a powerful coalition committed to ending homelessness in the UK for good.

Jerome Frost

Director, Arup